Most Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

Most Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

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Most Unusual Ice Cream Flavors


By Cari Martens

When we think about trends, the rise in Sensory Appeal is one that is intriguing. Watch yourself for a week and see if you catch it happening – it’s where adding another sensory element to something makes it seem new again. Fashion tells you to buy a bright scarf to refresh an old outfit. Decorators suggest new pillows on an old couch. And in food, well, new flavors are what it’s all about. So imagine our interest in this story about unusual ice cream flavors, written by Collen Kane from

Like avocado ice cream (pictured with white chocolate and strawberries) from New York restaurant Rosa Mexicano, the 2008 James Beard award winner. If you don’t like the sound of that, they also offer beet sorbet or a tomato habanero ice cream. Check the full story for the full scoop on flavors such as salad, asparagus, horseflesh, prune, corn, bacon and egg, lobster, mustard, pickle and even foie gras. Yes, ice cream. No, we haven’t tried them. Let us know if you do!

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