Ready For Some Chewy Ice Cream?

Ready For Some Chewy Ice Cream?

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Ready For Some Chewy Ice Cream?


The Cargill Company has developed a new system for the creation of frozen desserts with a chewy-creamy texture, a concept that could soon bring a whole new sensual experience to the enjoyment of ice cream and other frozen desserts. Cargill will be working with frozen dessert manufacturers to develop such products.

“We are not aware of any other functional systems on the market that give the same effect,” Florian Baylerlein, global marketing director for Cargill Texturizing Solutions, told He believes the concept of a chewy iced product could herald a “whole new generation” of ice cream and frozen desserts.

According to the company, the functional system allows a water ice mixture to be combined with the texture and flavors of a regular jelly candy. It can be used for a variety of different product formats – from water ices on a stick, to sorbets (both tub and cone).

The result is described as a “smooth texture and warmer mouth-feel.” In addition, the system is able to foam water ice at a very high overrun level – that is, the amount of air that can be included with an acceptable texture still being achieved.

While a few years ago target consumers for frozen desserts and novelties were roughly divided into large groups – children versus adults – now there are many more sophisticated targets, such as frozen yogurts, healthier products, and different levels of premium.

As for the products enabled by Cargill’s new advancement in “chewy-ness,” the company expects they will “surprise and delight both children and the young-at-heart.”



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