Sugar or Cake?

Sugar or Cake?

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Sugar or Cake?


We found these fun things and thought we’d share them with you. After all, can it get any cuter than this? Whippy ice cream hanging light fixtures are sure to bring a few mmm’s and ahh’s. If you find them irresistible, you can order these dangling delights through Mixko.

For more ice cream love, you can light up a room with a giant pink soft serve floor lamp. If this is to your cool taste, they are available at Urban Outfitters.

Or, never miss a lick on the Hog Wild Motorized Ice Cream Cone. Laziness never tasted so good.

Just one more – now, even ears are sporting our favorite summertime treat! These tiny ice cream cone earrings are by CuteAbility. $4 at


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