Survey Says We Choose Food Over Sleep

Survey Says We Choose Food Over Sleep

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Survey Says We Choose Food Over Sleep


Food over sleep?

Sure! Readers of The Food Channel know the importance of food. Now, a survey confirms what we already live: Americans say they will opt for a hot breakfast over 15 extra minutes of sleep.

According to a new survey conducted by Braun Research for Panera Bread, three quarters of respondents say they will cut their shut-eye short if it means having time for a good breakfast. An equal percentage of consumers say freshness and quality ingredients are essential components of a good morning meal.

The survey offers this additional information about Americans’ breakfast habits:

  • Nearly half of Americans classify themselves as ‘early birds’ (46%) rather than night

owls (24%).

  • Over three-quarters of Americans are awake by 7 a.m.
  • Over 80% of Americans are ready and out the door in an hour or less.
  • The majority (61%) of Americans eat breakfast everyday.
  • Americans confirm that a good breakfast boosts energy (56%), mood (44%), and productivity (40%).
  • A third of Americans think that starting with a good breakfast can help curb snacking

(36%) and makes them nicer to others.

  • When Americans know their day will be tough, they look to a hot breakfast to help them

face the morning – omelets (25%), breakfast sandwiches (23%), and pancakes (23%).

  • Americans say that Mondays are when they crave a hot breakfast the most.
  • Most would choose to have breakfast by themselves (37%) rather than with a local sports star (19%), a TV morning anchor (14%), or their mayor (6%).
  • Three quarters (75%) of Americans eat out or purchase breakfast on occasion, while a

third (32%) does so at least once a week.

  • Nearly half (43%) of Americans say they aren’t generally pleased with the taste and

quality of available breakfast sandwiches.

  • When Americans eat out they do not want overly processed ingredients in their breakfast

sandwiches (36%), and say they are turned off by breakfast sandwiches with eggs that are
reminiscent of a sponge (36%) and bread that can be hard or stale (36%).

  • Most people prefer a fresh cooked egg in their breakfast sandwich (82%) and can tell if

it’s not (75%).

In response to what they learned (hey, they paid for the survey – they deserve a plug!), Panera Bread is starting this month to offer grilled breakfast
at participating bakery-cafes nationwide.

‘At Panera Bread we believe customers deserve a breakfast that is made by bakers, not microwaves – so we’ve developed a hand-crafted, made-to-order grilled breakfast sandwich that literally breaks the mold,’ said Panera Bread CEO and chairman Ron Shaich. ‘Our survey showed that 82 percent of consumers would prefer freshly-cooked eggs in their breakfast sandwiches and Panera is happy to oblige.’

About this Survey

The data is based on a survey conducted on behalf of Panera Bread by Braun Research from February 19-27, 2008 by phone by sampling Americans who eat breakfast. The sample included 500 nationally representative Americans and over samples of 200 individuals living in 11 different specific market DMAs. The margin of error for the national audience is +/-4% and for the local markets is +/-7%.


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