Tomato Soap Claims to Reduce Stress in Skin

Tomato Soap Claims to Reduce Stress in Skin

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Tomato Soap Claims to Reduce Stress in Skin


By Cari Martens

Japanese health and beauty products company WenBee has introduced Vege Table ‘Lycopin Red’ Soap, a round red bar that contains the antioxidant Lycopene. Lycopene is a natural phytochemical that turns tomatoes red when they become ripe and provides disease-fighting antioxidants when consumed by people.

According to WenBee, lycopene can lower stress in skin by combating free radicals that oxidate and accelerate the aging process.

Lycopin Red soap is made from tomatoes at their reddest and ripest, and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. It’s priced around $20 a bar.

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