Top Ten Foods for Your Election Night Watch Party

Top Ten Foods for Your Election Night Watch Party

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Top Ten Foods for Your Election Night Watch Party


Inviting guests over to watch the election returns Tuesday night? Use your political instincts and offer an abundance of food and drink themed for event. Here are our suggestions for hosting a party that’s perfectly politically palatable, dished up with a side of Tongue in Cheek.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 10. Kool-Aid. (As in, ‘I see you’re still drinking the Kool-Aid.’) To be served to those who maintain a stiff upper lip even as their desired outcome looks bleak. You should have a pitcher of ‘red’ for the Republicans, and a blue flavor for the Democrats.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 9. Chocolate ‘Moose.’ A sweet way to honor famed moose hunter, Sarah Palin. Or you could serve Baked Alaska, depending on how the vote is going.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 8. Cheese. Offer a variety of cheeses to salute the many cheesy political TV ads that have run on both sides.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 7. Florida Orange Juice. The sunshine state is always crucial. Serve OJ with lots of pulp to symbolize the hanging chad from the 2000 election.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 6. Sloppy Joes. A sloppy salute to Joe Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 5. Keystone Light Beer. A nod to the night’s most coveted state, the Keystone state of Pennsylvania.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 4. Pork. We’ve heard a lot about “pork” in this campaign, each side accusing the other of loading it into their legislation. We believe there will always be plenty of pork in politics. Tonight, how about some succulent pulled pork. Mmmm.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 3. Superfood Snacks in blue and red. Loaded with antioxidants, these nutritious fruits may help keep people from getting sick over the election results. Blueberries for the Dems, red ripe raspberries for the GOP folks.

bq(right){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 2. White Castle Burgers. In honor of the night’s top prize: that Big White Castle at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

bq(left){clear:none; width: 250px;}. 1. You Need a Name for Your Spread. We suggest calling your buffet ‘Spread the Wealth.’ Everyone gets to share in your politically savvy spread of tasty food.


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