Top Ten Reasons to Shop a Farmer's Market

Top Ten Reasons to Shop a Farmer's Market

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Top Ten Reasons to Shop a Farmer's Market


Ten Reasons to Shop at a Farmer’s Market – with thanks to City Market in Kansas City, which is holding its second annual Tomato Festival this Saturday.

  1. Touches all five senses: The Market is a vision of activity and color to see. You can hear musicians playing, vendors talking and commerce taking place all around you. The fruits and vegetables are the freshest you can taste and have just about every texture to touch and feel. The smell of fresh produce just makes you want to buy something and eat it on the spot.
  2. Enjoy the seasons: There is produce unique to all seasons and you can see the change in produce just like the seasons. Make the most of your favorite items!
  3. Support local farmers: Buying local means buying fresh and supports the local economy.
  4. Going green: Local farmers travel to the City Market within 250 miles by truck or car which saves on emissions, trash and packaging that would otherwise be incurred from regionally shipped produce.
  5. A healthy alternative: Most foods available in farmers’ markets are less processed and more natural which helps you and helps the earth.
  6. Variety is the spice of life: There is always something different and new to try at a farmers’ market; you can experience diversity of product and culture.
  7. Support responsible animal treatment: Farm animals live better lives while providing healthy products for consumers.
  8. Know your farmers: Markets are personal and educational. You can meet the farmer you buy from, learn how they farm, where they farm and when produce is in season.
  9. A full menu: The City Market (and many others) offers cooking demonstrations with recipes and everything you need to prepare it at home all in one location. See it, read it, buy it, make it and enjoy it.
  10. The community feel: Who wouldn’t rather shop an outdoor market and enjoy the experience rather than walk around in a big-box grocery store? A farmers’ market provides a true sense of community which can create a small town feel in a big city and that is downright fun!


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