Top Ten Trends: Food Insecurity

Top Ten Trends: Food Insecurity

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Top Ten Trends: Food Insecurity


The Food Channel® presents its Top Ten Food Trends for 2009. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with the World Thought Bank found at, and the International Food Futurists™.

After the tomato and jalapeno scares of ’08, Americans are looking for tighter controls around food. We’re also doing more preparation in case of disaster in light of the fires in California and hurricanes in the Gulf Coast.

We want more protections and preparations, so expect a resurgence in home canning along with more information provided to consumers about source and food handling along the way. In October sales of Ball canning and storage products were reportedly up 92 percent over the same month last year. And, a Guelph research study showed that due to a listeria outbreak in Canada, 27% now eat less often at restaurants and fast-food outlets, 52% pay more attention to food labels, 32% cook at home more, and 30% take more time over their food preparation (source:

Sample Evidence:

Americans Fear Getting Sick From Tainted Food

Vertical Farm of the Near Future

Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

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