Underground Food Goes Further Under

Underground Food Goes Further Under

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Underground Food Goes Further Under


By Cari Martens

There is a growing network of underground markets dealing in products such as unpasteurized cheese, game meats and home-prepared foods that have been regulated out of existence. Call it the Under Underground, but it shows what lengths some people are prepared to go to in order to get their food, their way.

Take the book by Sandor Katz, for example, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements. Released in 2006, this book is gaining some prominence as people take a look at food allergies, disease, and food sourcing.

He writes about the challenges to the “chemical-driven agricultural mainstream” and suggests that corporations are conspiring with the government to “flood the market with unnatural foods that are killing people.” Agree or not, he at least challenges us to think through our approach to agriculture.

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