Why Do My Cakes Crack in the Middle?

Why Do My Cakes Crack in the Middle?

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Why Do My Cakes Crack in the Middle?



Why do my cakes crack in the middle after baking?


There can be a few reasons behind a cake that cracks, but the most common culprit is an oven that is too hot.

When the temperature is too high, the exposed surface of the cake starts to become firm while the interior is still wet and rising. As the hard surface of the cake is moved by the rising interior, permanent cracks can form.

The best way to check for overheating is to purchase an oven thermometer to get a sense of how well your oven’s knobs and dials compare with the actual temperature of the oven. You can also make some minor adjustments by positioning your cake in the center of the oven, away from any heating elements or hot spots.

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