#3 Food Trend for 2010: More in Store

#3 Food Trend for 2010: More in Store

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#3 Food Trend for 2010: More in Store


This is one of The Food Channel’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2010, based on research conducted in conjunction with CultureWaves® and the International Food Futurists®. For the full list, check here.

More in Store
We predict growth in grocery stores, particularly as private label assumes prominence. Those old generics have morphed into their own brands, so that there is a blurring and less of a caste system—there is no particular glory in using a ‘name brand’ anymore (unless you are ketchup). Why would you when there is little to no difference in quality, and the price differential is significant? In fact, you may see some co-branding between private branding and the big guys.

And that’s not the only way grocery stores are growing. They have been paying attention to the trends and are doing things such as upgrading their delis and fresh take out sections, all the way to returning butchers to a place of prominence. Yes, we know that we’ve spent years eliminating the in-store butcher, but we think you’ll see more of a specialty butcher presence in locally owned grocery stores. Just as in restaurants, the stores that can help redefine the family dinner table are going to show the most gains. We’re all looking for meal solutions for dinner that take us beyond fast food to good food fast. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that grocery stores will be stealing share from take out when they offer good quality, pre-prepped convenience. Anyone who has picked up a rotisserie chicken knows exactly what we mean.

Grocery stores may well begin catering more to the aging population, both in selection and accommodation. Aisles that allow for mobile chairs, shelves that place things at eye view—it won’t be overnight, but it will happen.

And, expect people to shop everyday without apology. Yes, we’ll still buy some things in bulk to save money, but we’ll also be willing to supplement our practicality with fresh, wholesome ingredients that we pick up on the way home. Grocery shopping, in other words, is less of a chore and more of a way to provide personalization, fresh ingredients, and create less waste in the long run.

By the way, social networking will help with this, as we learn to use Twitter and locations searches to find the best deals and the best experiences, pre-sorted for us by others who have gone before—maybe just minutes before! This is happening in restaurants, like Order Pizza, a free iPhone app that lets users order from any number of local pizzerias. Yowza gives you coupons from multiple places. Watch for this to grow across everyplace you find your food.

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