Cupcakes Get Wheels

Cupcakes Get Wheels

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Cupcakes Get Wheels


By Cari Martens

The mobile food trend rolls on.

We’ve previously reported on the Kogi BBQ trucks, rolling Korean taco trucks that notify customers of their current locations via twitter. Following Kogi’s lead were other mobile eateries, such as Calbi BBQ, the Yuri Truck, and DonChow Tacos.

We’ve also recently made note of the continuing cupcake trend.

Well, the two trends have now intersected in the form of the Sprinklesmobile. In California, of course. Sprinkles Cupcakes launched its first mobile cupcake van in Los Angeles last month and expects to have one prowling the streets of Orange County soon.

Following the now established protocol, the Sprinklesmobile will announce its whereabouts by tweeting on its Twitter account @sprinklesmobile.

We suspect similar cupcake ventures to soon make their way east to other metropolises across the USA. Please?

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