FoodWire, June 2009

FoodWire, June 2009

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FoodWire, June 2009


What’s Going on Today at The Food Channel ® Vol. 2, Num. 5

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Food Channel Goes Pro
“Back in Black” Recipes
Hot & Cool Trends
Surfing the Food Channel
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FoodWire offers a monthly update on what’s cooking on The Food Channel, as well as a quick peview of what’s coming soon to our menu. The latest recipes, the hottest trends…it’s a quick and tasty buffet you can scan at a glance.

Food Channel Goes Pro

This month we launched our new Pro tab, where people in the food profession can find out news and trends, and enjoy commentary about the industry—and anyone can get a peek behind the curtain. We kicked things off in a big way with Wall-to-Wall National Restaurant Show (NRA) Coverage, featuring an interview with media mogul (and restaurateur) Ted Turner, live reports from the NRA floor, blogs from sore-footed correspondents, awards reports and much, much more. Plus, with summer upon us, we’re scooping up an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social with scrumptious recipes for toppings and a Step-by-Step Photo Tour showing how to make homemade ice cream. Plus, check out our feature on the new ice cream that won’t melt from Cold Stone Creamery and an interview with its inventor, Ray Karam.

"Back in Black" Recipes

Blackberry Mojito   In-the-Black Berry Mojito

As Americans try to get their finances back in the black, we offered a series of tasty black-themed recipes as encouragement. Here’s the featured “Black” cocktail.
Black Chocolate Bites   Black Chocolate Bites

These truffle-esque treats are incredibly decadent and require only two ingredients.
Black Bean Tostadas with Queso Fresca   Black Bean Tostadas with Queso Fresca

This hot-off-the-grill tostada recipe makes a great light dinner or fun appetizer.
Black Pepper Rubbed Ribeye   Black Pepper Rubbed Rib-eye

Spicy black pepper-crusted steak, grilled and topped with a Roquefort compound butter. Yeah, baby.

Hot & Cool Trends from Neemee™

Get the very latest on what’s happening and what’s going to happen.

Surfing the Food Channel

See what else is going on at The Food Channel.

Feeding your Facebook Appetite   Feeding Your Facebook Appetite

Network with fellow foodies from around the world. Join The Food Channel‘s Facebook Group.
Grilling 101   Grilling 101

Check out our 15 tips for better backyard BBQing. Plus some grrrrreat grilling recipes.
Blendtec and the Power of Viral Marketing   Blendtec and the Power of Viral Marketing

Get the story behind the success of Blendtec and its “Will It Blend?” videos direct from the NRA show floor.


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  Coming Soon to The Food Channel

  Food Ideas for The Fourth

What’s On the Menu for Independence Day? We’ll offer up a Declaration of Delicious.
More Mixology

Chef Dennis gets behind the bar to shake, stir, blend and show how to make cool summer cocktails.

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