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Spring is here and not a moment too soon. The season of renewal brings with it the promise of fruits and vegetables grown locally and bursting with the unmistakable flavor of ‘fresh.’

Soon hothouse tomatoes will be replaced by bright red, juicy vine-ripened tomatoes that actually taste like a tomato’s supposed to taste. And all the other bright colors of spring will soon be sprouting from gardens, and beckoning from the stalls of the farmers’ market…and maybe rising up from your own garden.

We’ve got a bushel basket of tasty recipes geared to take advantage of the season of freshness.

Our Baby Lettuces Salad is a model of simplicity. Just four ingredients creates a delightfully fresh flavor experience.

Here’s a great spring/summer recipe for Lemon Spring Peas & Yellow Peppers. Simple yet delicious, this un-fussy side dish will brighten any meal with a minimum of effort.

Celebrate spring’s long-awaited arrival with our recipe for Radish Tartines with Lemon-Herb Butter.

You’re sure to love our luscious recipe for Strawberries with Grand Marnier Cream, a berries-n-cream recipe that tastes totally decadent. But, hey, it’s got fresh fruit in it, right?

If you’ve never tried rhubarb, you really should give our scrumptious Mini Rhubarb Pie recipe a try. Oh, my, it is good pie!

Our Fresh Asparagus with Dijon Vinaigrette is served chilled. It’s a superb choice for those extra warm spring days, or those hot summer days that will be here soon enough.


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