Fruit Grower Stunned by Amazing Red & Green Apple

Fruit Grower Stunned by Amazing Red & Green Apple

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Fruit Grower Stunned by Amazing Red & Green Apple


By Cari Martens

Okay, this may not really be a trend, but with all the genetic modification going on in food these days, who knows?

Have you seen this Yin/Yang apple? The one that’s half red and half green, split right down the middle? It’s quite a sight.

Thought to be a random genetic mutation, the odds of it happening have been pegged at more than a million to one. The apple has caused such a stir in the village of Colaton Raleigh in Devon, England, that its owner has been besieged by neighbors and strangers lining up to take its photograph.

Do you want Red Delicious or Golden Delicious? Yes. (Photo by ARCHANT)

Ken Morrish, 72, has been growing apples on his property for 45 years, but he’s never seen one like this. When he first spotted it growing on one of his apple trees, he could hardly believe his eyes. ‘It looks as if a green apple and a red apple have been cut in half and stuck together,’ he told

‘This is known as a chimera where one of the first two cells has developed differently, giving rise to one half of the apple being different,’ said Jim Arbury, fruit superintendent at RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey. “It is unlikely to be a stable mutation but it is worth checking next year to see if it recurs.’

We’ll try to remember to check back then.

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