Grilling Tonight? Don't Forget the Cheese.

Grilling Tonight? Don't Forget the Cheese.

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Grilling Tonight? Don't Forget the Cheese.


Grilling season is finally here. YES! Actually, you could say it got here early, what with Daylight Savings Time arriving so soon this year. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to grill when you can see what you’re cooking—without the use of a flashlight.

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Burgers, steaks, chicken, fish…they’re all great on the grill. One food that sometimes gets overlooked in grilling discussions, however: cheese.

Ooey gooey melting cheese can turn a sizzling burger into something truly sublime. A slice of cheese can work its magic on a grilled chicken breast, too. And turkey burgers can get a needed flavor boost when you add just the right spices…and just the right cheese.

There are so many cheese varieties to choose from today. Classics such as Cheddar and Swiss, and spicy selections including hot pepper cheeses. Some folks prefer gouda, bleu or good old American cheese.

The ‘melt factor’ is important when selecting a cheese to go with your grilled foods. Velveeta, considered a ‘guilty pleasure’ by some and disdained by others, is nonetheless admired for its melt-ability.

New Cheese Lineup: Borden Cheese Singles Sensations

A newcomer to this “melty” category is the Borden® Cheese line of Singles Sensationsâ„¢. These slices bring extra flavors that seem deliciously destined to top a grilled backyard burger or chicken filet.

Just introduced this spring, Singles Sensations are currently available in three flavors.

Applewood Bacon Cheddar offers smoked bacon savoriness that would seem right at home on a hamburger. You can create your own bacon-cheeseburger without adding a strip of bacon.

Southwest Pepperjack adds spice to foods that might need an extra kick. Turkey burgers come to mind.

Sun-Dried Tomato Basil brings Mediterranean flavor that could melt nicely on a chicken breast filet or, hmmm…how about a veggie burger?

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Here’s wishing you a very tasty—and cheesy—grilling season.

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