Halloween Spending Down

Halloween Spending Down

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Halloween Spending Down


If it feels as though you’ve bought less candy for Halloween this year, you aren’t alone.

A new study commissioned by a company close to the holiday, Dunkin’ Donuts (come on, who hasn’t dunked a donut around this time of year!) says the economy is impacting our holiday spending even for trick-or-treat night.

The survey was conducted with more than 500 Americans 18-years-old and older. According to the report, “62 percent are much more conscious or somewhat more conscious about saving money this Halloween; and 27 percent said they plan to spend less on candy for trick-or-treaters this year; and 40 percent said they will make their costumes at home, borrow a costume, or reuse a costume.”

And, with a tip of our hat to the source of the survey, nearly 32 percent of the respondents said they will serve or bring donuts or donut hole treats to their Halloween parties this year.

Dunkin’ Donuts conducted the Halloween survey after projecting donut sales for Halloween weekend will double compared to last year. “We know that a lot of people will be spending less on Halloween this year and we are delighted to offer our customers affordable seasonal treats,” said Dunkin’ Brands Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler. The company offers a decorated Halloween box as well as a “Boston Scream Donut,” which they describe as a “scary” variation of the popular Boston Kreme Donut decorated with orange icing drizzle, available through Halloween weekend.


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