I Pick Last Week

I Pick Last Week

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I Pick Last Week


Last week it was chef-delivered delicacies in beautifully decorated restaurants, in one of the most alive cities in the world. This week it’s granola bars at my desk.

I pick last week.

Last week was when we were on our market tour of Las Vegas, where we went to 14 great restaurants in the space of seven days. As we sampled our way through their menus, it became almost a personal quest to taste everything they brought to our table—after all, that was only courteous, right? So, while our chief photographer labored over his shots, and our video crew gathered ‘B roll,’ I ate.

Oh, sure, I met with the owners, did the interviews, produced the various pieces on our shot list, and took copious notes about everything from décor to hours to personalities we met along the way. I also ate. A forkful here, a mouthful there, a small bite. Or two. OK, three.

I ate lobster risotto, pollo cooked in cognac, lemon leaves with a mixture of lamb and other meats, pancakes, eggs benedict, fruit salad, nachos, steak, bacon, French fries, hamburgers, oysters, clams, shrimp, lobster salad, coleslaw, sushi (including some with quail’s eggs), wilted spinach, bratwurst, chili, pasta, pizza, Italian Wedding Soup, calamari, fajitas, salmon, trout, perch, ribs, chicken wings, and more.

I drank a lot of water and sipped my share of liquid flavors. I ate bread and butter, bread and olive oil, bread with olive oil and salt, garlic bread, grilled bruschetta, and salsa and sauces galore. I had tiramisu, bread pudding, sopapillas, Bananas Foster, ice cream, gelato, and more. Lots more.

We met interesting people, like Kim ‘I’m gonna fluff’ Freudenberger, franchise-holder of The Original Pancake House locations in Las Vegas.

Like Chef ‘Living the Dream’ Kitti Sanderson.

Like Certified Master Chef Gustav Mauler, who makes time to teach little children how to cook in spite of being only one of 62 CMCs in the world.

Like all of the people at Big Dog’s Draft House & Brewing Co. (ask them for the chocolate bread pudding that they are just adding to the menu) who let us trash a whole corner of the restaurant as we worked our way through the masses of food.

Yes, I gained two pounds. Yes, I’d do it all again.

And, we’re going to. The Raves & Faves program is part of The Food Channel’s new database that gives you the chance for more interaction with us, and with your favorite foods. Starting Monday you’ll see each of our stories from Vegas unveiled, one each week for the next 14 weeks. And you can add your own favorites, map your own restaurant tour, and become a fan of the ones that catch your attention in a special way.

I plan to savor it all over again when I watch the videos, see the pictures and read the articles each week. Join me. I’ll be the one on the treadmill.

Next month, we go to a new location, where you can follow along, living vicariously as the crew and I eat. Trust me, it won’t be granola.

See some of the food in all its glory with our video recap of the week’s food photography, here.

The Raves & Faves restaurant tour of Las Vegas is sponsored by U.S. Foodservice Vegas as part of its commitment to local restaurants.


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