It's Cooking!

It's Cooking!

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It's Cooking!


At The Food Channel, we love food. Even more, we love sharing our food experiences, ideas, and thoughts with you. And we decided it was about time we gave you more opportunities to share your food experiences, ideas, and thoughts with us.

So, we are opening our new Raves & Faves section, which can also be found by going to This is where you will find a new Profiles section, where you can create and add to your own pages, make friends and fans, and follow those you like. Right now, you can review, follow restaurants, and save recipes to your profile pages—but not all of the features are turned on just yet.

You will find our restaurant tour of Las Vegas, and we’ll have many more reviews to come. And, we want yours. In the very near future you’ll also be able to add recipes and articles and photos, follow recipes as people comment on them or make alterations, map restaurants, and more.

Consider it BETA for now and stick with us while it finishes ‘cooking.’ We think you’re gonna love it!


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