Jellyfish Caramels, Anyone?

Jellyfish Caramels, Anyone?

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Jellyfish Caramels, Anyone?


By Cari Martens

Anybody who’s ever had a beach vacation interrupted by a painful jellyfish bite will appreciate this ‘turnabout is fair play’ story. It’s now possible to bite back.

A group of students from Obama Fisheries High School (in the Japanese town of, yes, Obama) have created a sweet and salty caramel candy made out of sugar, starch syrup and jellyfish powder, which is produced by boiling jellyfish into a paste and grinding it into tiny particles.

According to the story by Ariel Schwartz for Fast Company magazine, the students capture Nomura’s jellyfish in fixed fishing nets from a lake in Fukui prefecture, an area plagued by swarms of jellyfish.

Japanese fishermen have been tormented by these giant jellyfish in recent times, some weighing as much as 450 pounds.

The students have also requested that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency put the caramels on the menu for astronauts journeying to the International Space Station, apparently in an effort to raise awareness of their sweet solution to the Japanese jellyfish problem.


Prior to making the caramels, the Obama students created jellyfish-infused cookies, which are still being sold at a Fukui prefecture store. So if you ever wanted the chance to bite a jellyfish like the one that once bit you, you have a choice of caramels or cookies.

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