Lay's Lets You Track Down Your Chips

Lay's Lets You Track Down Your Chips

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Lay's Lets You Track Down Your Chips


By Cari Martens

The trend of consumers wanting to know where their food comes has taken an unexpected and crisp new turn. Now you can find out where your potato chips were made.

This TV spot featuring Michigan potato farmers can be viewed at the Frito-Lay website.

Well, you can if your chips are Lay’s Potato Chips. Frito-Lay has just launched its ‘Lay’s Local’ marketing campaign that focuses on the 80 ‘local’ farmers from 27 states who grow the potatoes used in Lay’s chips. The effort will include in-state TV commercials featuring some of these farmers, plus some 40,000 in-store displays customized for each state.

On the Trail of the Chip

You can also track down your chips online at There you’ll find a ‘Chip Tracker’ that enables you to find out exactly where your bag of chips came from. You simply type in the first three digits of the bag’s product code along with your ZIP code, and, voila!, the location of the potato chip plant of origin is revealed.

As Dave Skena, vice president of potato chip marketing at Frito-Lay told USA Today, ‘Knowing where food is made and grown is important to consumers.’ True that. A survey of chefs conducted by the National Restaurant Association named ‘locally grown food” to be the hottest industry trend for 2009.

Expect to see more of these kinds of ‘Where Did It Come From?’ efforts in the months ahead as food companies try to reach out to consumers who want to know.

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