Lose Some Control, Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Lose Some Control, Lower Your Carbon Footprint

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Lose Some Control, Lower Your Carbon Footprint


By Cari Martens

Are you ready to give up a little control to become a better citizen of the planet? A new super saver refrigerator now available in the U.K. can be turned on and off by the power company without the knowledge of the homeowner.

It’s one of several new appliances that come fitted with Dynamic Demand technology that automatically modifies their power consumption in response to second-by-second changes in the balance between supply and demand on the grid without affecting the fridge’s performance.

Minister for Energy Innovation, Lord Hunt, is quoted on website HomeTone.org calling Dynamic Demand ‘an exciting technology with the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the grid’s capacity to absorb wind energy – key elements of the government’s energy strategy for renewables.’

It’s intriguing to consider whether independent-minded Americans would be willing to relinquish a bit of control over their home appliances in the name of being green.

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