More Grass-Fed Beef Beginning to Make It to the Menu

More Grass-Fed Beef Beginning to Make It to the Menu

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More Grass-Fed Beef Beginning to Make It to the Menu


By Cari Martens

How would you feel about ordering a grass-fed rib-eye steak at your favorite restaurant? What if you learned it was beef imported from Uruguay?

More U.S. restaurants have begun to serve grass-fed steaks and other cuts of beef in recent months, and for the most part, customers aren’t beefing about it.

Writing for the San Diego News Network, Jennifer Reed cites several examples of San Diego-area establishments that are now menuing this leaner alternative to corn-fed beef. Many of these places are genuinely interested in offering diners healthier, more organic choices.

One of the restaurants, Cowboy Star, has been featuring grass-fed beef for more than a year. The restaurant buys it from a supplier that imports grass-fed beef from Uruguay, South America, where cattle-raising practices allow cows to graze naturally on perennially green pastures. Several other San Diego restaurants also buy the South American beef.

The fact is, cattle are not often fed that way in the USA. The beef business here is still overwhelmingly dominated by corn-fed, feed lot operations.

But more American consumers are learning about the benefits of leaner grass-fed beef and asking for it at their grocer’s meat counter or in their favorite restaurants. At Cowboy Star, the restaurant even sells cuts of grass-fed beef to consumers in its butcher shop, and according to head chef Victory Jimenez, it’s selling like crazy.

Will the grass-fed movement continue to pick up steam in the U.S.? It’s certainly growing here, but right now grass-fed beef still just a blip on the radar in comparison to the corn-fed beef market.

Next time you’re thinking about ordering a steak in a restaurant, ask your server about grass-fed beef. We’d be interested to hear the response.

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