More QSRs Encouraging Fans to iPhone it in

More QSRs Encouraging Fans to iPhone it in

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More QSRs Encouraging Fans to iPhone it in


By Cari Martens

Quick service restaurant chain Burger King is the latest retailer to launch an iPhone application, hoping to sell more Whoppers and hang on to customer loyalty. According to QSR Magazine, the new Burger King iPhone application allows customers to automatically place orders.

Using a platform developed by restaurant mobile technology provider GoMobo, Burger King is also enabling customers to automatically log in to locate nearby stores via GPS, as well as receive targeted incentives based on their mobile ordering history.

Hardee’s iBurger apps offer benefits both real and virtual

Hardee’s customers can use iPhone apps to enjoy ‘virtual’ Thickburgers and get coupons for real ones. Its new iPhone iBurger application allows users to virtually ‘eat’ a Thickburger with just a few lip smacks. It can be downloaded from as well as via iTunes.

For those who are a little more interested in real burgers than virtual ones, Hardee’s is offering special coupons via Tag It!, a new couponing application developed by Microsoft. After downloading the free Tag It! application, users can snap a picture of the special Tag It! symbol stickered on Thickburger boxes to receive a coupon on their phones. The coupon offers burger lovers a free small order of Natural Cut Fries and a free Coke with the purchase of a 1/3lb Western Bacon Thickburger. All the hungry customer needs to do is show the coupon on the phone to a cashier.

In Japan, you can order food from your Wii

The new Japanese Wii channel lets you click to order food. Wii players simply move their little “1 hand” cursor over categories like pizza, noodles, sandwiches, curry, burgers, chicken and other choices. There’s online visual menus that let you do things like select toppings and save orders. There’s even online receipts for record keeping.

No word on if and when this technology might become available in the USA.

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