New Combo: Fast Food & Fine Wine

New Combo: Fast Food & Fine Wine

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New Combo: Fast Food & Fine Wine


By Cari Martens

The common refrain at many quick service restaurants is, of course, ‘Would you like fries with that?’ or, ‘Would you like to supersize that?’ But now it seems more QSRs are asking if customers would like ‘a glass of wine with that.’

A number of chains have recently added wine and beer to their menu of burgers and fries, including the 39-unit chain in the Pacific Northwest, Burgerville. CEO and president Jeff Harvey told the Associated Press, ‘We simply wanted to create a different kind of dining experience.’

Another QSR or ‘fast casual’ franchise, Chipotle Mexican Grill, now sells beer and margaritas. Shake Shack, a three-location chain in New York City has been selling beer and wine for several years.


Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, a three-unit QSR in Northern California, was an early pioneer in the burgers and Beaujolais movement, serving some of Napa Valley’s finest along with french fries, onion rings and tuna burgers.

Analysts say the upswing in burgers and booze may have something to do with the economy. People trading down from fine dining to fast food can still sip a bit of the high life just like in the old days (like, last year.)

Who knows? Perhaps a new McCombo will be on the way soon: Big Mac and Burgundy, anyone?

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