New "Super Tuna" in the Works

New "Super Tuna" in the Works

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New "Super Tuna" in the Works


By Cari Martens

With ocean tuna stocks in global decline, Japanese scientists are developing a new ‘super tuna’ that will be stronger, more disease-resistant and better tasting than bluefin tuna now swimming in the ocean.

The turbo tuna, expected to be ready within a decade, will be farm raised to meet growing demand for the Japanese delicacy, according to a story by Julian Ryall on

The team working on the project is close to completing the genome sequence of the bluefin, and expects to be able to start a breeding program in 2010. Team members from Japan’s Fisheries Research Industry, the University of Tokyo and Kyushu University are collaborating on the project.

Tuna stocks have declined by as much as 90 percent in some waters. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Atlantic bluefin will be wiped out within three years unless strong measures are taken to protect the stocks.

Just last month, celebrities including Sting, Jemima Khan and Elle Macpherson signed a letter to Japanese chef Nobu, operator of the upscale Nobu restaurant chain, vowing to boycott the chain for continuing to menu the endangered fish for sushi.

Currently 9 of the 23 tuna species are officially listed as threatened from overfishing.

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