NRA Announces 2009 Kitchen Innovations™ Award Recipients

NRA Announces 2009 Kitchen Innovations™ Award Recipients

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NRA Announces 2009 Kitchen Innovations™ Award Recipients


The National Restaurant Association has announced the recipients of its prestigious Kitchen Innovationsâ„¢ (KI) Award for 2009.

This year’s awardees will give the restaurant and hospitality industry new, state-of-the-art solutions to enhancing productivity, saving energy and water, speeding up prep and cooking times, and maximizing space and functionality in the back-of-the-house.

‘Cost-saving, fast, multi-functional, flexible, efficient – these are all adjectives we look for when choosing new equipment and they describe each of this year’s Kitchen Innovations Award recipients,’ said Lorna Donatone, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2009 and President, School Services, Sodexo, Inc. ‘We are committed to identifying and showcasing the most innovative products crucial to business success right now that help operators increase productivity and control costs.’

The 2009 Kitchen Innovations Award recipients are:

Advanced Composite Materials, LLC- Silar Microwave Flatstone: Silar Flatstone speed-bakes fresh-dough pizzas in microwave-convection ovens in less than three minutes.

Arctic Industries, Inc. – Desmon USA: Desmon Refrigerators are “knock-downs” for assembly and installation in impossible-to-access areas.

Eneron Inc – Turbo Pot: Turbo Pots feature an advanced fins-design base that reduces gas range cook time and energy use by 50 percent.

Everpure, LLC – MRS-600 HE: Envi-RO Reverse Osmosis system averages 78 percent water conversion efficiency and features 600 gallons/day capacity.

Frymaster, Manitowoc Foodservice – Gas Protector®: Gas Protector’s 30-pound fry pot delivers the production capacity of 50-pound fryers and auto oil replenishment.

Garland, Manitowoc Foodservice – Garland Restaurant Range: Xpress Clam Shell Grills can be pre-programmed with up to 30 easily adjustable platens-gap settings.

Halton – M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Control System: M.A.R.V.E.L. Control System integrates multiple hoods on a common duct that individually adjust exhaust and replacement air.

Henny Penny Corporation – Evolution Eliteâ„¢: Evolution Elite’s SmartFilter Expressâ„¢ enables operators to conduct as-needed oil filtering in four minutes.

Hobart- Hobart’s Bluetooth® -enabled Combi® Oven with Barcode Scanner: Bluetooth-Enabled Combi Oven with barcode scanner automatically controls the cooking program and features wireless exchange of recipes.

Irinox USA – CP Multi Function Holding Cabinet: CP Multi Function Holding Cabinets provide combined temperature and humidity control for fresh or frozen foods.

Kairak – BLU Technology Prep Table: BLU Series Prep Tables circulate glycol coolant through maximum contact chiller plates, requiring no defrosting.

Lincoln Foodservice Products, Manitowoc Foodservice – Quest EMSâ„¢ Energy Management System: Quest Energy Management reduces air flow, combined with fastBake finger profiling technology, to maintain uniform heating and recovery to full performance within 45 seconds.

Market Forge Industries Inc. – 3500 Power Plus: The gas Power Plus is a boiler-based convection steamer with a jacketed kettle, that uses 80 percent less water and 30 percent less energy.

Power Soak Systems, Inc. – High Powered Silverware Pre-Washing System: High Powered Silverware Pre-Washing system uses a unique push/pull technology, allowing only one-pass washing.

Rational USA – Self Cooking Center with CareControl: Self Cooking Center with CareControl features automated de-liming to eliminate filters, labor, and down time.

Somat Company – eCorect Waste Decomposer: eCorect Waste Decomposer provides automated on-site reduction of compostable food waste by 90 percent.

Viking Range Corp., Commercial Division – Modular Range Design: Modular Range and Suites design allows flexibility of changing individual modules before and after installation.

Winston Industries – CVap Universal Holding Bin Cabinet: CVap Universal Holding cabinets allow operators to serve directly from the cabinet with optimum conditions.

All KI applications are judged by an independent panel of industry leaders.


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