Pepsi Trying Out Greener Vending Machines

Pepsi Trying Out Greener Vending Machines

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Pepsi Trying Out Greener Vending Machines


By Cari Martens

PepsiCo aims to lower its carbon footprint by introducing a new, more eco-friendly vending machine. It will also lower electric bills for businesses that use them.

The soft drink company is testing 30 machines in the Washington, D.C. area, and hopes to begin distributing them worldwide during the next several years, according to Robert Lewis, vice president of packaging and equipment development for Pepsi.

The new vending machines use about 15 percent fewer kilowatt hours of energy per day, compared to existing machines—which already use 44 percent less energy on average than machines used just six years ago.

The new machines also emit about 12 percent less greenhouse gas by keeping the soda pop cool with carbon dioxide instead of the usual hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which scientists say contribute to global warming. PepsiCo partnered with Greenpeace Solutions, part of the Greenpeace environmental activist organization, to develop the machines.

PepsiCo currently has more than 4 million vending machines and coolers in use globally.

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