Some Dill. Pickle Man Going Strong in Boston

Some Dill. Pickle Man Going Strong in Boston

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Some Dill. Pickle Man Going Strong in Boston


By Cari Martens

In today’s tough economy, many people are out of work—nearly 10 percent of us here in the USA. Some folks, tired of getting nowhere trying to find a job, have decided to strike out on their own and go into business for themselves.

Those who are ready to do that might consider the case of Travis Grillo, who is enjoying success operating a pickle cart in Boston, Mass. Yep, a pickle cart. The entrepreneur was profiled recently in a story by Jane Dombusch on website

Grillo’s Pickles is a big hit on the Boston Common. Mr. Grillo peddles his green wares there every day. You can’t miss him. He walks around in a pickle suit.

Using his Italian grandfather’s 80-year-old recipe, Grillo sells them two spears for a buck or a quart container for $6. He modestly calls his pickles ‘the best in the world,’ noting that they are ‘not fried, not greasy, nutritious and all natural.’ According to Dombusch’s story, the pickle man uses Poland Spring water and garlic from California, ‘because it tastes better.’

Good old American ingenuity…you can still find it these days. Sometimes dressed up like a giant pickle. If you’re ever in Boston, keep your eyes out for the pickle dude, Travis Grillo.

You might also want to check out our Food Channel video: How to Make Dill Pickles. Who knows, it might inspire you to start your own pickle business—anywhere but Boston. Mr. Grillo has staked out that territory.

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