Soup's On . . . the Microwave

Soup's On . . . the Microwave

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Soup's On . . . the Microwave


When it’s cold, you need to get warm. It’s simple math.

Translate that equation into food, and the best way to warm up is with soup. With soup, you can wrap your hands around the cup or container and feel the warmth. You can inhale the scented steam. You can sip and enjoy the sensation of warmth as it slides down your throat. Yes, there’s nothing like soup to put body and soul together.

Even better is when you can do it on the go. We don’t take time to slowly simmer much of anything these days. In this case, Campbell’s is doing that for us.

The new Campbell’s Soup in Hand is interesting packaging, with a shape that your cold hands can easily curl around. Pop the top, remove the metal, microwave, and inhale – the smell of real soup, ready to eat. Go ahead, try a sip. If you are looking for a mid-day snack, soup sure beats a bag of chips or a granola bar.

We tried a few ourselves to see if it was as easy as they say – pop the top, microwave, and enjoy. The red plastic top came off easily, and the metal pop top came off like any other soup can these days. The remaining metal rim is microwaveable, and it only takes a few minutes to be on your way, whether that’s back to your desk after a quick break, or into your vehicle to get on the road. For my personal preference, I needed to heat the soups beyond the recommended one minute, 15 seconds, but everyone’s heat tolerance is different.

As for taste, the soups are consistently thick and flavorful; everything is diced small enough to fit through the sipping spot, so don’t expect chunks of meat. At 60 calories, the Vegetable Beef is an option for dieters. My personal favorite for flavor, though (at 130 calories), was the Creamy Chicken.
Others, though, liked the flavors with broth, saying that the creamy ones were heartier and perhaps less suited to sipping.

One of our tasters commented, “Throughout the coldest months, I like to keep a warm coffee, tea or even honey water on my desk. With some varieties containing less calories than one slice of cheese, they’re a good way to curb a hunger craving. The ‘sippable’ nature (read: small pieces) was odd at first, but I quickly appreciated the feature because I can skip the bowl and spoon. Perfect for work or on-the-go.”

There are eleven varieties, including comfort food staples such as Tomato and Chicken Noodle, which may come in handy if you are having a bad day!

All of the soups are definitely portable, although you may want a spoon on hand to stir them after microwaving. So, if you are looking for a healthy snack to keep on hand, think warmth. Then sip away.


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