Sweet New Trend for Sweet Corn: Desserts

Sweet New Trend for Sweet Corn: Desserts

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Sweet New Trend for Sweet Corn: Desserts


By Cari Martens

In the past, sweet corn was rarely used as an ingredient in desserts. One reason: corn simply wasn’t as sweet and buttery as it has become today, thanks to the sugary hybrids that are now so prevalent. Now sweet corn is finding its way onto the sweet side of the menu.

As a nation, our sweet tooth is growing. So says Amanda Gold, writing for SFGate.com. She notes that today’s corn varieties ‘are almost candy-like, even if the ears sit for a while in the supermarket produce bins.’

Gold points out corn dessert examples in the San Francisco area. Sweet Corn Ice Cream is a seasonal staple at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream in Berkeley and San Francisco as well as at Pepito in South San Francisco. Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco serves the frozen dessert mixed with blackberries.

On the menu at area restaurant the Moss Room is a silky sweet corn panna cotta. Executive chef Rachel Leising tells Gold it’s ‘selling quite well.’ Leising makes it by steeping cream with corn kernels and cobs, long enough for the vegetable to impart the slightly sweet flavor.

Corn Panna Cotta. Photo by Craig Lee/The Chronicle

Other recipes making the rounds these days include—
â‹… Savory corn pudding, sweetened with a little extra sugar and topped with sweet stewed cherries
â‹… Sweet corn cupcakes with brown butter honey icing
â‹… Sweet corn cream pie with blueberries

For these recipes and the article by Amanda Gold, click here.

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