Sweet Tea Goes Alcoholic

Sweet Tea Goes Alcoholic

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Sweet Tea Goes Alcoholic


By Cari Martens

We recently ran a ‘Hot & Cool Trends’ report on Bakon (bacon flavored) Vodka. Now we’ve discovered another intriguing-sounding flavored vodka: sweet tea vodka. This, we’re guessing, is probably a pretty good seller below the Mason-Dixon line.

There are actually a number of brands available: Firefly, made in South Carolina; Jeremiah Weed, brewed in Connecticut; and Sweet Carolina, which is actually made in Maine.

Blogger and cocktail enthusiast Doug Winship, writing on his The Pegu Blog, reports that he tried the Firefly brand and found it quite nice. He suggests it simply be poured over ice and enjoyed. He also passes along another serving suggestion, which calls for one part Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and one part fresh lemonade served in a highball glass with lots of ice and a mint leaf. Doug got this recipe from the New York Times, he says. He calls it a John Daly (after the golfer). You know, it’s like an Arnold Palmer, but liquored up.

Firefly actually makes several flavored tea vodkas, we discovered on the company’s web site, including raspberry, peach, mint, and lemon tea varieties. Sweet Carolina vodka is a brand owned by White Rock Distilleries. You can also get Sweet Carolina vodka teas in peach, raspberry and mint flavors. Jeremiah Weed only comes in your basic Sweet Tea flavor—no fruit or mint varieties.

Well, I don’t know about you, but sweet tea vodka served over ice on a warm summer evening, maybe as you’re waiting for the charcoal to burn down, sounds real nice.

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