UK Food Companies Enlist Ladybugs as Pesticide Alternative

UK Food Companies Enlist Ladybugs as Pesticide Alternative

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UK Food Companies Enlist Ladybugs as Pesticide Alternative


By Cari Martens

UK salad producers are counting on those cute little bugs we call ladybugs (they call them ‘ladybirds’ over there) to keep harmful pests away from their crops.

As reported by the London Daily Mail Online, produce companies and supermarkets are buying the bugs in bulk and releasing them in greenhouses as an alternative to harsh chemical sprays, some of which the EU is In the process of banning. The insects eat damage-causing pests including whitefly, greenfly, and mealy bugs.

With the army of ladybugs on duty, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and raspberries are now being grown without the need for chemical pesticides. This new method has been dubbed ‘integrated pest management’ or IPM for short.

Seems like a great idea. But couldn’t those Brits come up with a catchier name? How about ‘Operation Bugger Off’ or the ‘Ladies Only Bug Patrol.’

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