Voices from the Industry: How to Be Ready for Post-Recession Success

Voices from the Industry: How to Be Ready for Post-Recession Success

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Voices from the Industry: How to Be Ready for Post-Recession Success


The Food Channel brings you voices of the industry through this week’s National Restaurant Association Show.

Andy Ford, Chief Insights Officer with CultureWaves, gave a presentation this week about how businesses can leveragie their Strategic Inflection Points – those points at which the organization realizes a need for change, in order to achieve real growth once today’s recessionary fog clears.

According to Ford, organizational change is not a task that an organization can simply decide to affect on its own. The responsibility lies within each person in that organization to begin the change by first creating a strategy for their own personal brand.

Asking ‘What’s your Point B? What do you want people to think about you?,’ Andy challenged each person in the audience to invest in individually building their own personal brands and to develop networks with like-minded individuals. Stressing the role of social media tools, Andy pointed to the advantage of the new technologies in expanding one’s personal and organizational digital footprints. By leveraging all of those unique but complimentary ‘brands’ and networks within and around their organizations, companies can begin to really join the conversation and nurture relationships with the communities that matter, so that all can emerge stronger in the months ahead.

The secret to cultivating these communities requires the following:

1. Change your concept of what’s ‘good’ in terms of effort, innovation, and every other thing we do. We can no longer afford as individuals or organizations to settle for the concept of ‘good.’ Says Ford, “If we want to get out of the recession, we can’t be good, we must be great.’

2. Build meaningful conversations with our communities and truly inspire relationships. Ford cautions organizations to approach their conversations with humility and openness. Gone are the days in which we can selfishly guard our knowledge or our resources. Communities share. And organizations can now win and create fans, when they freely give away their knowledge in the conversations they’ve joined.

3. Whether you’re working to build and extend the reach of your personal brand or your company’s, Ford says, ‘Don’t give me your business card. Give me your resources.’

We’ll have more voices from the industry throughout our coverage of the NRA Show.


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