Windows 7 Has a Whopper of a Promotion in Japan

Windows 7 Has a Whopper of a Promotion in Japan

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Windows 7 Has a Whopper of a Promotion in Japan


By Cari Martens

Microsoft has partnered with Burger King in Japan, promoting its new Windows 7 operating system with a 7-pattie Whopper available for only 7 days. It’s called, naturally, the “Windows 7 Whopper.”

The whopper of a Whopper measures over 5 inches in height and costs 777 yen (about $8.50). But apparently only the first 30 customers each day get that deal, everyone else has to shell out the Japanese equivalent of 17 bucks.

For those counting calories, the Windows 7 Whopper weighs in at about 1,000 calories for anyone who would actually order one.

Maybe a sumo wrestler?

We’re always on the lookout for trend-setting promotional ideas, but this one is more of a head scratcher. We’re not sure a gluttonous over-the-top burger that would probably cause your body to crash is the kind of connection Microsoft is looking for. Only in Japan, I guess.

Well, anyway, for those of you in Japan who want to order one, you only have until October 28. So you’d better hurry!

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