40 Days Sans Meat: Pita Me

40 Days Sans Meat: Pita Me

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40 Days Sans Meat: Pita Me


What are you giving up for Lent? Christen Nehmer, videographer for The Food Channel, is giving us her experience in going meatless. Follow along throughout the 40 days of Lent.

Day Fourteen:

Another late night and early morning means no time for a sit down breakfast. Luckily, the COEX conference had some delicious breakfast snacking options available.

My first choice was a Naked Juice with strawberry and banana, which is always a great drink for some nutrition. And then there were the oatmeal sticks. Oh man, these things are fantastic! There’s a picture with this one, courtesy of Schawn’s.

Lunch was decent … a nice leafy salad with a vinaigrette and some tasty pita bread and hummus. Funny story about the pita …

So, Amy and I were in line and wondering why the pieces of pita were so huge. We proceeded to tear off pieces and a man came up to us and says, ‘I just wanted to let you know that the pita on the buffet is for display. The warm pita is on the table. I’m just saying.’

HA. We would do that. And yes, the pita on the table was the right size and warm.

Breakfast: Naked juice and oatmeal sticks
Lunch: Salad and pita bread with hummus
Dinner: Reception food, like the batter-fried shrimp, pictured

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