Affordable Edible Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Affordable Edible Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Affordable Edible Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


Mom’s Day is on the horizon and if your mother lives miles away you can always opt for the usual delivery of a flower bouquet. But if you’d like to say ‘I love you, Mom’ with something a little different, consider a tasteful—and tasty—foodie gift.

There are lots of choices out there. Here are some of the affordable edible gift ideas that captured our attention.

Cake Buzz

Does your mom have a favorite liqueur she likes to sip after a long hard day? Why not reward her with a liqueur cake from Cake Buzz? Sean Allen, creator and head cake bartender at Cake Buzz, began mixing cake with liqueur five years ago and has never looked back.

‘Spending time in the kitchen with my mother and learning how to perfect each of her recipes is something that has always motivated me to become a better chef,’ says Allen. ‘When I began incorporating liquor into my cakes, I knew that I had something special; a delicious, fresh product my Mom would be proud of!’

Buzz Cakes has more than 150 flavors of liqueur cakes to choose from, each with 1½ cups of liqueur in it. Some of the flavors include: Bailey’s Macadamia Nut, Amaretto Cream, Bacardi-Butterscotch, and Tequila Peaches & Cream. For more info, you can visit

Spoonful of Comfort

Maybe your mother needs a little comforting this year. A great gift choice might be some soothing homemade chicken noodle soup for her soul. Spoonful of Comfort is a brand new company out of Florida that ships a gift package that consists of a 64-ounce jar of delicious homemade soup made with all natural ingredients, such as chicken and chicken stock, pasta noodles, carrots, celery and onions. It comes in a lovely gift box with a card and a pretty silver ladle to dish out the soup.

Our chefs at The Food Channel tasted the soup and gave it a unanimous thumbs up. It really does deliver on homemade flavor. It ships anywhere in the U.S. for $32. You can add fresh rolls or homemade cookies for a few dollars more. You can check it out at

Chocolates from Jer’s or truffle truffle

Jer’s. Jer’s Handmade Chocolates claim to be the first and only all-natural, gourmet, peanut butter and chocolate brand on the market. !(border left)/files/0004/1940/Jers-chocolates_medium.JPG!Winner of six International Taste Awards, these confections are made using premium, dark, milk and white chocolates and all-natural peanut butter (made from locally-grown Valencia peanuts. Each confection is combined with crunchy rice crisps, salty pretzels, buttery toffee, or gooey homemade caramel and are free of any preservatives or fillers.

A half-pound Jer’s gift box costs $18 and a one pound gift box is $30 and can be ordered online or at some retailers including Cost Plus, Whole Foods Markets, Bristol Farms, and Gelson’s.

Truffle truffle. You can’t really go wrong with chocolates, but the generic assortments sold in the supermarket don’t smack of thoughtfulness. Gourmet handmade truffles, on the other hand, will get Mom’s pulse going a bit.

Truffle truffle lets you choose from more than 40 different flavors of handmade truffles, s’mores and other confections. ‘We have such an extensive line of items and an even larger selection of flavors that you’d be hard pressed to not find something your mom will like,’ says truffle truffle owner and chocolatier, Nicole Greene. Shoppers will find a complete line of over 22 flavors of hand-shaped and hand-enrobed truffles, 12 unique flavors of caramels, 11 flavors of s’mores that combine the savory side of the kitchen with the beloved childhood treats, as well as additional confections and seasonal flavors. You’ll find a list of truffle truffle’s entire collection at

Milk & Krunchies

If you’re a bit short on cash (and who isn’t in this economy?) you can send Mom a nostalgic treat from Milk & Krunchies.

Remember those sticky crispy rice treats made with marshmallows and rice cereal that Mom packed in your school lunchbox way back when? Now you can return the favor by sending Mom a gourmet version of the treat from Milk & Krunchies. It comes in a chocolate brown gift box embellished with a pretty yellow polka dot band.

You can choose from an assortment of crispy treat flavors. Starting at just $8, they won’t break the bank. To learn more you can visit


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