American Regional Cuisine Served from a Truck

American Regional Cuisine Served from a Truck

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American Regional Cuisine Served from a Truck


The 51st State? No, it’s not Puerto Rico—at least, not yet. The 51st State is the name of a new mobile eatery that’s been cruising the streets of San Francisco since summer.

The food truck specializes in American Regional Cuisine—those words are emblazoned across the side of the vehicle. The 51st State partners, Francesca Salcido, Nathan Smith and Daniel Gutierrez describe their rolling restaurant as a “metaphorical road trip.”

Depending on the season, you might find Brunswick Stew, cooked up Virginia-style with chicken and sausage…or a wild rice and potato pancake and spinach salad with blue cheese, smoked trout, and marionberries representing the Pacific Northwest. According the 51st State website, customers can look forward to noshing on everything from perogies made by the Pennsylvania Dutch, to San Diego fish tacos to New Orleans boudin and more. The lastest menu we saw offered Mochiko Chicken and a Hot Pressed Sofrito Pork Sandwich, representing Hawaiian and Floribbean cuisines, among other choices.

Nathan Smith is a product of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park in New York, and before that he was a college friend of Daniel Gutierrez at the University of Texas. Salcido studied public relations at San Jose State and has worked for tech companies in Silicon Valley. They call themselves “a team of three great friends, quintessential Bay Area eaters whose talents and love of food came together to create a place for something delicious.”

The city of San Francisco, truly one of America’s culinary capitals, is blessed with a nearly infinite variety of ethnic restaurants serving foods from all over the globe. It’s kind of refreshing to see a new dining place that concentrates on the wide range of dishes that make up American cuisine.


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