Build a Better Burger--and Slider Size It

Build a Better Burger--and Slider Size It

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Build a Better Burger--and Slider Size It


Slider, Italian Style

Mini burgers, or ‘sliders’ as they’ve come to be known, have become one of the hottest restaurant trends of in the last few years. They taste great and are lots of fun to eat.

Carolina Style

But you don’t have to go out to get your hands on these little beauties. You can make ’em at home—especially now, during summer grilling season.

Three simple tips

The number one tip to grilling up a great slider is to make your burger pattie small but thick, so it will still be juicy. We recommend ground chuck in an 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio.

Number two tip: Use high-quality mini buns. Whether you prefer white, whole wheat, multigrain, or onion buns, choose good ones that get nice and soft when steamed or toasted on the grill. And you don’t want to put a hot and juicy burger on a cold bun—that’s just no way to treat slider or any kind of burger.

Number three: Get creative. Go beyond mustard and ketchup. Add specialty cheeses, spicy condiments, fancy pickles, hot peppers, fresh herbs and spices.

These simple slider recipes will give you a good start, but you’ll undoubtedly want to add your own finishing touches and flavorful flourishes.

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Mini Bacon-Cheddar Sliders. The classic indulgent burger—but, hey, it’s a mini! Only about two ounces of beef, so no need to feel too guilty. Unless you eat four of them.

Italian Style BBQ Sliders. A slice of mozzarella here, a dab of pesto-mayo sauce there, a Roma tomato slice, some basil, and you’re in business.

Carolina-Style. Topped with coleslaw for a Carolina kick and added crunch.

Mini Chicken Burgers. For those times when you’d rather munch on the bird instead of the beef.

Side Dish: Baked Beans. The perfect partner for backyard burgers of all styles and sizes.

Happy sliding!


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