Buy the Watch, Get a Soup Warmer Free

Buy the Watch, Get a Soup Warmer Free

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Buy the Watch, Get a Soup Warmer Free


The futuristic and chic watches from ultra hip company Nooka will have innovative new packaging just in time for this year’s holiday selling season. Made of cooking-grade silicone, the containers can be reused to warm up leftovers or soups in the microwave.

Nooka also wants to find out other uses people may come up with for the packaging. The company invites consumers to submit their creative uses for the packages, and will showcase some of the best ideas on its blog.

Perhaps to help stimulate creative thinking, Nooka’s even going to start posting recipes on the company’s website.

Looking at the cutting edge design of Nooka’s watches, it’s fun to contemplate the kind of recipes those folks will dream up. Probably not tuna casserole or meatloaf. Or perhaps those choices would be just kitschy enough to make the cut.

Anyway, we applaud the sustainability aspect of this concept. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce. Right on.

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