Behind Every Great Party May Be a Caterer

Behind Every Great Party May Be a Caterer

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Behind Every Great Party May Be a Caterer


It’s time for the holidays, and every food lover knows that means entertaining and being entertained.

And, every tired food lover knows that means looking for help. Yes, behind many great parties is a great caterer, the person who is the unseen hand behind the food—and sometimes much more.

Our research has also shown that much of today’s entertaining is being done at home—not just at rented facilities. Catering is a big time-saver for those who need even a little assistance to pull off an event.

At The Food Channel, we know that many of you who use the site for inspiration and ideas are caterers or other great entertainers. So, in conjunction with Sam’s Club, we’ve prepared a checklist that you may find helpful in planning your next big event. Just click on the link below to view the checklist pdf.

Keep these food tips in mind, as well:

  • Work ahead – do menu items that can be frozen or made the day before
  • Keep it simple—it’s about flavor more than anything, so build lots of flavor into items that are easy to prepare
  • Be seasonal—now’s the time for some great holiday recipes like the ones you’ll find in our Gulf Coast Thanksgiving spread

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