Chopper Designer Uses Skills to Trick Out Grills

Chopper Designer Uses Skills to Trick Out Grills

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Chopper Designer Uses Skills to Trick Out Grills


By Cari Martens

If you’re a fan of the TLC TV series “American Chopper” and have enjoyed the family fuming between Paul Teutel, Sr. and his laid-back son, Paul Jr. (better known as ‘Paulie’), then you may be interested to know that Paulie now designs grills as well as motorcycles.

After six years of yelling and tool tossing and trash can-throwing tantrums by Paul Sr. and arguments between father and son, Paulie was finally fired from the family business by his volatile father last season. The two haven’t spoken since. Paulie was Orange County Choppers’ chief designer and fabricator.

Now Paulie has taken his talent for bending steel and chrome to the Coleman Company, makers of rugged camping and outdoor gear. Paulie designs unique, macho-style outdoor grills for Coleman, reminiscent of his imaginative bike creations.

As reported by Elena Ferretti for, this is the first time in 110 years of business that Coleman has used an outside celebrity designer. ‘We picked him for his eye for design,’ Marketing Manager Delaina Lee says. ‘Because he knows how to bend metal and twist steel, make it look cool, trick it out. Guys who like our gear appreciate the beauty of motorcycles.’

Paulie re-engineered the Road Trip grill applying the same grinding, welding and shaping skills he uses on bikes, Ferretti writes. He changed the color from red to ultra-shiny black, used lots of chrome, added a speedometer-inspired thermometer and ten rivets in honor of the grill’s 10-year anniversary—and he ‘jacked it up to 22,000 BTUs,’ Paulie says. Coleman loves the tricked out grill, and Coleman’s customers do too, says the company.

But Paulie’s still building bikes, too—only not with his dad. He’ll still be seen on TV, via the new TLC series, ‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior,’ debuting in August. Separate crews shoot the show at two locations, and it gets edited together. There’s no communication between the two bike shops, film crews, or father and son.

You can find the Paul Jr.-designed Coleman Road Trip Grill on sites like for around $230. Hey, That’s a lot cheaper than one of his custom-made bikes.

Vroom-vroom. Let’s fire it up and throw on a couple T-bones.

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