Citizen Gulf's National Day of Action

Citizen Gulf's National Day of Action

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Citizen Gulf's National Day of Action


It’s all been over the news, so you undoubtedly know that this week marks the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And, as that anniversary is marked nationwide, the latest crisis in the Gulf continues to be watched for its short and long term effects on our seafood supply.

One group is taking it a bit furthur as it looks at those who make a living fishing—and seeks to find ways to give them what they call “a more sustainable future.”

The CitizenGulf Education Program for Gulf Oil Spill Families is designed to give families in the Gulf Coast a little extra back-to-school support. According to its announcement, they want to help, “get their children off to a great start this school year and to help ease stress on families with after school support services and activities.”

The effort includes an education fund to help provide school supplies, uniforms, tutoring, homework assistance, and healthy snacks. For more information about how you might help, click here.

The Food Channel is bringing you recaps of some of the best stories from around the Web that will help us all learn more about the true situation in the Gulf. Stay with us as the story unfolds and let’s see what the future of food may look like in the wake of crisis.


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