Considering the Future of Seafood

Considering the Future of Seafood

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Considering the Future of Seafood


We spend a lot of time at The Food Channel thinking about the future of food, much of it in conjunction with The International Food Futurists.

We research, analyze, taste, listen, look, smell, taste some more, and so on until we uncover that one new idea. We watch what people do, so we can see where they are headed and what they are thinking about. With that in mind, you can see that it is inevitable that we have been watching what is happening on America’s Gulf Coast.

The impact of the oil spill is still being assessed, as scientists look deep into the waters and closely examine the teeming life underneath the surface. The food chain is already in motion, though. From plants to fish to shellfish to table, the impact is being felt.

To be very clear, not all of the impact is from the oil. Some is from Katrina, some is from perception, and some is what we would call “the seeds of change” as people reinvent themselves after crisis. And so, The Food Channel is embarking on a documentation process like you’ve never seen before.

We intend to bring you the stories on a regular basis, so we can all watch for emerging patterns and new ideas. We’ll let you know the events that are happening, from fundraisers to restaurant openings. We’ll do all we can to show you a true picture of what is happening in the Gulf that might impact the future of food.

Just like in our everyday process, we will analyze what we learn. We will taste, listen, look, smell, taste some more, and look for reinvention in the face of crisis.

Follow along. Your future awaits.

The Food Channel is bringing you recaps of some of the best stories from around the Web that will help us all learn more about the true situation in the Gulf. Stay with us as the story unfolds and let’s see what the future of food may look like in the wake of crisis.


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