Do You Want a Taste?

Farmers Market Beet Salad

Do You Want a Taste?

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Do You Want a Taste?


There is something about a kitchen that can turn a bad day around.

It was one of those days where projects and ideas were booming so fast that I could not keep up. The lists got longer, the meetings got delayed, the instructions got more terse, and the patience grew more thin with each passing hour.

And, then, one of our chefs called out, “You have to come taste this.” And I took the time to get up from my desk and greet the enticing smells that I’d been tuning out. All of a sudden, it was worth it. One bite, and I remembered why I do this.

As the chefs analyzed the complexity of flavors and debated remaking it with a little more of this, a little less of that, I leaned back and let those flavors “take me away.” Even now, back at my desk, there is a good taste lingering at the back of my mouth, superseding the bad taste my unhappy mood had previously created.

It happens at home, too. I like nothing better than a free Saturday morning where I can happily chop, measure, experiment and cook to my heart’s content. I taste as I go, striving for something that will give my family that same good taste in their mouth.

It’s why I like my kitchen office. You never know when the chef will say, “You just have to come taste this,” reminding me that what really counts is adding flavor to life, and making things just a little more palatable.

Even all that work that is usually hard to swallow.


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