'Drink Well Do Good' Tour Underway

'Drink Well Do Good' Tour Underway

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'Drink Well Do Good' Tour Underway


By Cari Martens

Last week the International Society of Africans in Wine (ISAW) began its 14-city tour, Drink Well Do Good, in New Orleans. The global initiative is a celebration of African culture through wine, food, music and art with the goal of raising awareness and funds to build a training center for South African vintners.

The mission of the Drink Well, Do Good tour is the vision of American sommelier and ISAW founder Stephen Satterfield who is based in Atlanta, Ga. While visiting the region to explore wines, Satterfield saw a need and the potential to close the socioeconomic gap in the industry that is the largest contributor to the Western Cape’s economy. Upon the alarming discovery that blacks account for 90% of the population and workforce but own less that 1% of the local wine companies and wine producing land, the vision of ISAW was born.

The tour will travel from New Orleans and stop through cities across the country that will include Austin, San Francisco, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, and Atlanta as well as Vancouver, before reaching its final destination in Capetown, South Africa.

Celebrations in each city will feature a formal reception and exhibition of African wine, food and music (Drink Well). In addition, a benefit concert showcasing African musicians, local artists and special guests will be hosted in many of the cities as well (Do Good).

With the support of corporate and charitable partners and a global grassroots network of volunteers, Drink Well, Do Good is a unique initiative that will produce remarkable outcomes by supporting the socioeconomic development of African farmers and their communities. In addition, ISAW is proud to partner with generous sponsors such as Heritage Link Brand, the world’s largest importer and distributor of wines produced by indigenous African vintners worldwide.

The tour is an excellent example of the Food Philanthropy trend we talked about at the beginning of 2009. It’s heartening to see it continuing today.

Tickets are currently on sale for all cities and dates at www.localwineevents.com. A complete listing of tour dates and locations can be viewed by visiting www.toastafrica.com.

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