Dutchman Brews World's Most Potent Beer

Dutchman Brews World's Most Potent Beer

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Dutchman Brews World's Most Potent Beer


By Cari Martens

A highly competitive Dutch brewer claims to have one-upped his rival and created the world’s strongest beer. As reported by Ben Berkowitz, writing for Reuters this hearty libation is some 60 percent alcohol by volume.

Brewmeister extraordinaire Jan Nijboer says you don’t quaff this brew like an ordinary pilsner, lager or stout. ‘You don’t drink it like beer,’ he told Dutch news agency ANP. You savor it ‘like a cocktail, in a nice whiskey or cognac glass.

Nijboer’s Almere-based brewery, ‘t Koelschip (translation: The Refrigerated Ship), sells the new brew, called ‘Start the Future,’ in a one-third liter bottle for 35 euros ($45). The potent beverage is 120 proof. He told ANP he created the beer to surpass Scottish brewers that were pushing the limits of beer’s alcohol content. Nijboer apparently didn’t like it much when a Scottish company exceeded Nijboer’s previous record holder, 90 proof Oblix, which was 45 percent alcohol by content. The Scotsmen’s came in at 55 percent. So Nijboer brewed up his 60-percenter a week later.

BTW, that Scottish Beer, from the BrewDog brewery, had the ominous name ‘The End of History,’ and only 12 bottles where made. Each was housed inside a stuffed dead animal and sold for about $780.

As far as we know, no animals were harmed in the brewing of Nijboer’s extra-strong brewski.

Now that Mr. Nijboer has launched Start the Future, I guess one can only say: ‘Your move, BrewDog.’

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