Early Thanksgiving: Get a Turkey Dinner Burger at Jake's

Early Thanksgiving: Get a Turkey Dinner Burger at Jake's

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Early Thanksgiving: Get a Turkey Dinner Burger at Jake's


If you’re already fantasizing about that upcoming Thanksgiving feast and need a quick fix NOW, you could try stopping by Jake’s Wayback Burgers and order up a Turkey Dinner Burger.

Jake’s, with 21 locations on the East Coast, will be offering the Turkey Dinner Burger through the month of November. It’s piled high with secret recipe stuffing and cranberry sauce, and finished with a bit of mayo. If you like, you can pair that with the new Pumpkin Pie milkshake, also available until November 30.

Both offerings were selected by Jake’s customers who chose them in “Burger of the Month” and “Milkshake of the Month” voting.

According to a story in QSR magazine, the customer participation voting has been extremely popular, “grabbing the attention of thousands of participants.”

“The Turkey Burger is a perfect addition to Jake’s Wayback Burgers menu for the month of November,” John Eucalitto, president of Jake’s Franchising LLC, told QSR. “We are very pleased that our dedicated customers have taken the time to vote for the ‘Burger of the Month’ and we are happy to serve them the burgers that they want.”

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