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Edgy Veggies

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Edgy Veggies


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REBEL VEGETABLES. Dishes like Grilled Vegetable, Red Onion, Curry & Quinoa Pizza make veggies bold.

(Food Management magazine) The new vegetarian cuisine is all about attitude. “Yeah, it’s vegetarian. You got a problem with that?”

In 2010, for bright young chefs like Juan Duboué, a student at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX, it’s almost a nonissue that vegetarian entrees can — and should — be just as good as a dish with animal protein at the center of the plate.

“Vegetarian cooking has already made a spot for itself,” Duboué says. “Demand for vegetarian meals is increasing and creating business for chefs who can take that type of cooking to the next level.”

The next level is getting easier and easier for chefs to reach, with the rise in popularity of sustainable farm-to-table initiatives at foodservice operations and their communities all over the country. Read more.


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