Edible Decorations Becoming a Holiday Tradition

Edible Decorations Becoming a Holiday Tradition

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Edible Decorations Becoming a Holiday Tradition


It’s fun to get out those holiday decorations from the attic every year to make the house all festive and cheery. But what may be even more fun are holiday decorations you can eat! And it seems to be a growing (and tasty) trend.

Christina Staalstrom, blogging for Miami New Times has gathered some fun holiday edibles for decking one’s halls.

There’s a labor-intensive Brussels sprouts wreath you can take down post-holiday and cook over the stove with a little butter and bacon. Assembly instructions can be found at Apartment Therapy.

These Pizzelle Candy Cones are cool. They’re waffle cones filled with red and green hard candies. You’ll need sturdy branches to hang these. Recipe and instructions are available at Country Living.

Meringue Snowflakes look lovely on the tree, too. You can also pipe these into other holiday shapes, such as snowmen or Christmas trees. Find the recipe at familyfun.go.com

Dried citrus slices add a sunny splash of color. For the how-to, go to Hack a Life, where you’ll find lots of other edible ornaments, including Rice Krispie Balls, Gumdrop Ornaments, and Pretzel Garland.

Susan Melgren writes about this beautiful Very Berry Holiday Tree at website Natural Home. It’s made with Driscoll’s organic strawberries, fresh mint, and a slice of star fruit.

Finally, if you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to find another collection of edible holiday centerpieces including this cookie snow globe from the kitchens of The Food Channel.


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